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An initiative by a team of highly skilled and motivated Telecom and IT professionals, Royalwave Telecom Pvt Ltd. was set up as a company in the year 2014, with an objective to provide IT and Telecom solutions in the emerging markets .While focusing on latest technology developments, Royalwave Telecom Pvt Ltd. Offers a wide range of networking and telecom solutions. The company portfolio includes solutions for LAN, WAN, DAS, Video Surveillance and other Telecom solutions.more

Our Services

IT Infra Solutions

We offer Structure Cabling, Copper, IBS-In Building Solution, Wifi Digital Communication / Fiber, Microwave Wireless Connectivity, Ewissen Mining Consultancy Solutions

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IT Consultancy

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a structured framework for managing an organisation’s significant impacts on the environment.

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Information Management System

A Management Information System focuses on the management of: a.Hospital Management System b.Hotel Management System

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Security Solutions

Security plays an important role in our day to day life in the cities where home burglaries and crimes have seen a steep rise. Therefore staying secured and protected is the need of hour.

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RFID’s areas of application are resourceful today which is nearly impossible to list all of them. Flexibility and cost effectiveness that RFID offers leads to constant expansion.

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The planning and design process assesses alternative options of Network Technologies, Network Migration, and Expansion Considerations and incorporates them into the planning document.

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Royalwave Telecom Pvt Ltd. Continuously innovates to design and Build high quality wireless and wire line networks in efficient and economical way to meet the customer requirement while meeting all the stringent quality standards.

Royalwave's Charter

  • customers:- by delivering IT solutions to improve their products and services, their customer focus and thus their competitiveness in the market.
  • Alliance partners:- by working closely with them to create win-win situations in all business associations.
  • Staff members:- by creating the best work environment, providing challenging assignments and opportunities to constantly update their technical expertise.

about us

Royalwave Telecom Pvt Ltd. brings varied expertise with experience of implementing several projects in India and other countries.Our highly motivated Staff has proven expertise to deliver complex turnkey solutions in defined time frame to the utmost satisfaction of clients.

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